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For the Greater Good

Yesterday, @hayleymather dropped an Instagram Live at 6 PT/9 ET.

If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you do—she has since posted it to her feed.

Graceful, real, kind, fearless: these are the ways I would describe her in this video. She covered topics like cancel culture, abuse in the music industry, narcissism, mental health, her personal trauma, and more. It guts me that she has to continue to relive her trauma to spearhead her cause, but she does it with bravery and poise. To me, her cause is four-fold:

- stop Matt from abusing anyone else; - shine light on abuse in general, but especially in the music industry;

- help people, especially women, heal from trauma; and

- prevent people who have experienced abuse from committing suicide.

In the video, she said two things that were particularly salient: I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do and I'm doing it for the greater good. I hate that this is the state of our world—that a traumatized woman has to bleed and bare her wounds in order for people to actually fucking listen—though I am blown away at her fortitude.

Hayley also mentioned the incredible community that has been created out of all of this, and I can attest to it. It's sad to say that abuse is something that connects so many women, because nearly all of us have experienced it in some form, but it does, and it did, and now, as Hayley says, there are strength in numbers.

With that said, if you have a story of your own, but maybe you're too afraid to tell it, you've got a whole community behind you. Please reach out to @hayleymather on Instagram. You have the ability to stay anonymous if you would like to. If you don't have Instagram, feel free to use the contact form on this site and I can pass the information along to Hayley. Anything you submit will remain confidential.

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