• Jenny P

This Isn't About Me

I started this blog to work through my feelings as an ex Matthew Good fan.

But I want to make it clear that every word you read here has been written with them in mind. All of the women who have come forward with their harrowing stories.

It's about the women preyed upon, coerced, manipulated, and victimized by MG*:

*Note that all images were captured from public spaces, i.e., public IG posts.

These women, and all of the others that have broken the silence (especially Hayley Mather), have shown incredible strength and resilience.

This is still a place for me to work through all of the shit that comes with letting go of your favourite music and a part of yourself. But I humbly acknowledge that it's a backdrop to the story above the fold: 26+ women standing together against MG's bullshit.

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