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Human Rights over Art

It's been a while since I've written here [cue Staind ballad].

I guess I've just had other life stuff to focus on. I'm back here because this shit is haunting me in my dreams—literally. I have these dreams where I'm living my plain old dreamtime life, and all of a sudden, a MG song comes on, and I start to cry, or I get angry and shut it off. I realize how ridiculous this is. But it just comes back to that same principle: when something is a part of your life for so long and attached to so many memories, leaving it behind is difficult.

But it's worth it.

In response to one of Matt's IG posts a long time ago, I once commented that I can't separate art from artist. He brought up some shit about Picasso, who was, as we know now, an abhorrant human being. It makes a lot of sense now in hindsight that he would disagree with me. Guess I value human rights more than cubism?

Every time I get a little sad or feel that tug of grief, I remind myself that the lives of the women who have been affected are more important than any song I used to sing along to.

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