• Jenny P

Is Matthew Good an Abuser?

A look at the allegations that surfaced in February 2021

When I first saw these posts on social media, I was gutted. Here were the first things I saw:

After a little while, I started seeing other things on social media, like this from Twitter:

My world was rocked. My head was spinning. I had looked up to this man for half my life. His music was where I turned when I was having a hard time. I looked up to him as a mental health advocate.

It seems like a number of other women have come forward with similar stories, and more things just keep coming to light. I can't keep up.

If you are struggling with this, you're not alone. Whether you're a former fan or a victim (or both), I'm here for you. Reach out if you feel like you want to tell your story and need someone to listen, or if you need mental health resources.

If you're looking to see these posts for yourself on social media, you can search #mgtimesup, #matthewgood, and #mattgood.

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