• Jenny P

The Death of Matthew Good

Guys, I'm really sad tonight.

I'm mourning the artist I thought I knew. When someone physically dies, we grieve—it's like a part of ourselves is missing.

But what happens when you're saying goodbye to an image? An idea of who someone is? It's not as deep as a actual grief, but man, do I feel it in my soul.

I really hoped that his first public statement would be different.

But honestly, it feels like a kick in the teeth. It seemed like a nicely tossed word salad with a fuck you dressing.

So here's my little funeral for Matthew Good. The one I thought valued women, the one I thought understood trauma and darkness enough not to inflict it on others, the one I thought created from a place of goodness.

Condolences to all the other mourners out there.

(Pssst. If you haven't been filled in yet, check out the pinned posts, Is Matthew Good an Abuser? and The Nail in the Coffin.)

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