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The Things You Overlook

When fandom blinds you...

You know that feeling when you first fall in love?

Your pulse quickens, a sense of euphoria takes over. That's how it feels to be a fan. And it's certainly how I felt about Matthew Good and his music. I felt so solid in my belief that he was a good human, and I was proud to support such a strong mental health advocate.

But then the allegations of abuse came, and the rosy glasses were ripped off. It's like seeing the world anew, and as I dig back in my mind, I see some memories in an entirely different light.

Matthew Good acoustic set in Calgary
Photo I took in Calgary around 2013 / pixelated because I'm so darned mad

Picture it: it's a crisp, chilly night in February 2019.

I arrive at the Surrey Arts Centre for a MG acoustic set. The opening acts are killer. The talent is REAL.

MG takes the stage. I'm so pumped. He's got a guitar and next to him, a stool with a glass of what looks like whiskey. The night wears on and he appears to be a little too tipsy. An audience member calls him out on it—he's defensive. I shrug it off, he's a professional. He's amazing. Who cares if he might be a little drunk?

After some time, he starts to forget the words to the songs. He makes an awful comment about women, after which he's called out by two audience members. He mutters into his glass, "fuckin' #metoo, fuckin' yeah right".


Wait a minute. What did he just say?

It bothered me at the time, I mean, it really bothered me. But I adored him so much that I just shrugged it off. I swept it under the rug. What else had I ignored in the past?

Now that I am seeing things anew, I realize how blazing a red flag that was.

I know I was just a fan. I wasn't personally victimized by him at all. But if another woman is hurt, do I not hurt?

I digress.

What have you overlooked?

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